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Content Writer  |  Conceptual Copywriter  |  Scriptwriter

Hi! I’m Wiehahn Diederichs, a freelance conceptual copywriter, digital journalist and creative storyteller based in Cape Town, South Africa. I use a meticulous blend of research, strategy and unbridled creativity to produce captivating narratives across the interactive media landscape. 

Through this rich, story-driven approach, I help new and existing brands cultivate deep connections with their audience, solidify their position in the market, and expand their business network.

I've worked in several fields including emerging & disruptive tech, video games, digital transformation, science and travel.

When I’m not busy tenderising my keyboard with a barrage of keystrokes, you will either find me exploring physical and digital landscapes, consuming copious amounts of coffee, or dabbling in creative photography, where I constantly explore its capacity as a storytelling medium.

Shoot me a mail if you would like to view my portfolio, talk about my services or just want to have a chat!


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