A writer by definition, a storyteller by heart…


Hi, I’m Wiehahn Diederichs! I’m a freelance digital journalist and video game critic based in the sun-soaked city of Cape Town, South Africa. Over the last six years I have covered various topics across several fields such as video games, technology, science, and travel. I have written for numerous print and online publications including NAG Online, Stuff SA, Lazygamer, MWEB Game Zone, Memeburn and Tyger Burger, and I’m currently a columnist at Gearburn.com.


I also work as a copywriter, where I makes use of my storytelling abilities to creatively promote various brands and products (infusing my words with a healthy dose of SEO).


When I’m not busy tenderising my keyboard with a barrage of keystrokes, you will either find me exploring physical and digital landscapes, consuming copious amount of coffee, or dabbling in creative photography, where I constantly explore its capacity as a storytelling medium.


If you wish to contact me, you can find my details on the contact page. Follow this link to view my full portfolio or check out my featured articles below.

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